Credentialing Solutions URAC Accredited NCQA Certified

Credentialing Solutions, LLC was acquired by VerifPoint in 2007. VerifPoint is a DBA for CreDENTALs Services, Inc. which was founded in 1996. The acquisition expanded the data credentialing services VerifPoint offers in areas such as hospital credentialing and additional medical credentialing services.
VerifPoint is a leading Credentials Verification Organization (CVO) based in Lake Forest, southern California whose mission is to consistently lead the industry as the lowest cost, highest tech supplier of timely, accurate healthcare practitioner information.
VerifPoint offers credential verification services to improve and expedite the credentialing process of healthcare providers. Fully certified by NCQA (The National Committee for Quality Assurance) and accredited by URAC, VerifPoint provides primary source verification that meets industry and regulatory standards such as NCQA, TJC, URAC, CMS and AAAHC. Beyond these standards, VerifPoint offers customized credentialing services such as abbreviated credentialing consisting of any number of elements like License Verification only.
It is the core competency of VerifPoint to collect, verify and organize data and document images in order to generate online practitioner credentialing reports. Additionally, many management reports are included with the credentials reports to keep clients constantly informed of the status of the healthcare practitioners in their network.
Further, VerifPoint has created an online method for eliminating the repetitive nature of insurance applications with the LastAPP service. A single, online credentialing application is filled out which is used to populate each Payer's version of the credentialing application.
Whether an Insurance Carrier, Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Hospital, Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), Independent Provider Association (IPA), or Managed Care Organization, VerifPoint offers credentialing application processing, credentialing verification and document imaging services for ALL Healthcare practitioner types. The following are some of the practitioner types VerifPoint is contracted to credential: AUD, CRNA, DC, DDS/DMD, DO, DPM, EdD, LBSW, LCDC, LCSW, LDO, LMFT, LMSW, LMSW-AP, LPC, MD, NP, OD, OPT, OT, PA, PhD, PsyD, PT, PTA, RDH, RDO, RN, and SLP.
VerifPoint has painstakingly amassed a Database consisting of credentialing data on more than 6.3 million healthcare practitioner licenses in the United States (including Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands and Mexico.)
VerifPoint’s system solutions are developed in-house and are fully customizable to meet any client’s special needs as well as the ever-changing needs of technology and the health care industry. VerifPoint uses open development platform tools that can be customized to fit any platform and utility. VerifPoint works with third party software vendors such as Cactus and Morrissey to assure system interoperability with clients.
VerifPoint’s state-of-the-art technology and highly scalable platform can handle the addition of any size network without any slowdown in credentialing productivity.
In April of 2006, Asim Ashary and Manhattan Data Inc. invested in VerifPoint / CreDENTALs Services, Inc., buying 60% controlling interest. Asim Ashary is a Co-Founder of PPONext.