Credentialing Specialist Technology

Data Security

As a credentialing specialist, data security, disaster recovery, backups, and reliability are vital to our business. The CS technological infrastructure is comprised of sophisticated network and application security and high-speed Dell Power-Edge servers. CS also has an extensive backup/disaster recovery process involving virus protection, advanced load balancing connectivity, and daily data backups with offsite storage. This amounts to high data availability with comprehensive data protection for clients checking a doctors credentials.


CS provides instant data access and reporting capabilities based on current verified data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The CS website combines cutting-edge credentialing specialist technology with reliability and ease of use to meet all credentialing needs for checking a doctors credentials. Clients checking a doctors credentials can access extensive reports, print profiles and review work in process checklists through the client page of the CS secure website. In addition, CS clients can download client specific practitioners data straight from our website to effortlessly populate custom databases, reports or queries.

Paperless Credentialing

For clients that choose to download completed files from our website, Credentialing Solutions offers: Paperless Credentialing. Clients who are checking a doctor’s credentials will be notified of file completion via email, with a link to the CS website. Clients can login to the credentialing specialist website with their unique username and password, and access all credentialing documents including: provider’s application, all primary source verifications, audit report and profile. These documents used for checking a doctor’s credentials can be viewed, printed, and saved to local drives.

To view a sample of Paperless Credentialing, click on “Demo” then click the linked topics of your interest.  Examples of each will be displayed.  Clicking on the “Get Records” button will show and example of a “Work in Progress Report”.  A demo database can also be downloaded by clicking on the link at the bottom.

Automated Verifications - Credentialing Specialist

Credentialing Solutions software greatly enhances the process for verifying, monitoring and checking a doctors credentials. The primary verification process is handled through an automated credentialing specialist web application located on the CS intranet. Credentialing Solutions’ systems and technology increases efficiency, reduces costs and constantly implements new ways to improve the credentialing process.