Some Frequently Asked Questions

Are you NCQA Certified?

Yes! Credentialing Solutions® is NCQA Certified to check physician qualifications in all elements. First certified in 1998, Credentialing Solutions® has received four consecutive certifications including the certification in “Ongoing Monitoring of Sanctions”. Credentialing Solutions® received their sixth consecutive certification in October of 2006.

Are you URAC Certified?

Yes! Credentialing Solutions® is URAC Certified to check physician qualifications in all elements. Certified in 2006, Credentialing Solutions® met full URAC accreditation.

Can you accommodate clients outside of California?

Absolutely! Currently we have many clients located outside of California who check doctors credentials. There is no delay in processing credentials, and when needed expedited mailing/shipping services are used to check physician qualifications and check doctors credentials.

What credentialing guidelines are used?
We will perform credentialing to meet your company's specific needs whether that be full NCQA, URAC, or TJC standards or a customized package all your own to check doctors credentials. Our services are tailored to you!

Do you offer on-line data access to check doctors credentials?

Yes! Through our secure web-site, clients wishing to check doctors credentials may log-in with their personal “username” and “password” and access any of our CS Reports, provider profiles, view “in-process” work, and download their provider data for use in designing custom reports or for inclusion into their own database to check physician qualifications.

Do you offer a credentialing and recredentialing application for client use?

Yes! Credentialing Solutions® has designed a provider application for client use at initial credentialing and a separate application for use at recredentialing. Credentialing Solutions® can mail out the application to providers as part of our services, and the application to check physician qualifications is also available for download from our website.

Do you follow-up with providers if information is missing from the application?

Yes! Credentialing Solutions® makes up to three requests for missing information from a provider to ensure a complete application packet is returned to you. We pride ourselves on exhausting all resources to check doctors credentials and we are always in constant communication with the client to determine any special course of action that should be taken on a difficult file.

How many requests do you make to obtain verification from hospitals, training facilities, and other agencies?
Credentialing Solutions® makes three requests for information prior to contacting the client and discussing alternative methods to check physician qualifications, if possible.