Credentialing Solutions
CS Reports
Activity A summary report of all active client providers located in the CS database showing name, degree, specialty, group name and pertinent approval dates with next recred due date.
Aging A report listing all clients providers currently in-process (new applications, recredentialing, and recred app sent) with the number of days in process and special comments relating to individual files.
Performance A report of all providers completed by CS showing the number of days file was in process prior to completion and the overall average of all files completed, not yet approved. Also,for those clients where CS tracks the next recred due date, this report allows the client to see providers for which an approval date has not been received.
Completed Files “Paperless Credentialing”. Clients retrieve completed files via the web instead of hard copies via mail. Clients download all scanned documents for individual files including: Cover page,Provider Profile, Audit Report, the full application and all information received from provider, all verifications and any documentation of correspondence with the client. Clients receive an e-mail notification as files are completed listing those files available on the CS Website with a link to the log-in page. All completed files remain on the CS website until contract termination.
The following links available only to client who contract for the Expirables Service.
License Expiration A report listing all providers with Primary license number and expiration date
DEA Expiration A report listing all providers with DEA # and expiration date.
Insurance Expiration A report listing all providers with Insurance Carrier name and expiration date.
Board Expiration A report listing all providers with Board Certification Information including Specialty, Certify Board, and expiration date.
Expirables Documents Clients retrieve copies of updated Expirables (License, DEA, Malpractice Insurance) via the CS website instead of hard copies via mail. Expirables remain on the website indefinately, for client retrieval at any time.
Find my Providers
Clients may look up a provider in-process to view the CS database checklist. This allow the client to see verifications sent,received, and those still pending. (use the last name: White as a test provider)
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CS Client Data
Clients can download the Microsoft Access Database from the CS database for their providers, and import them into their own database or spreadsheet or create your own reports using the access table provided.
Simply click on the demo database, follow the winzip steps and save the file to your directory.
Click here to download  Demo Database